1/1st Battalion Commanding Officers

Initially named 1st (Imperial Service) Battalion.


Lt Col L Tebbutt     4-8-1914 to 31-8-1914

Lt Col C Copeman 31-8-1914 to 24-4-1915

Lt Col G Archer      24-4-1915 to 30-5-1916

Maj H Few              30-5-1916 to 10-6-1916

Lt Col E Riddell     10-6-1916 to 16-10-1916

Maj H Few              16-10-1916 to 16-10-1916

Capt F Marr            16-10-1916 to 28-10-1916

Maj T Murray         28-10-1916 to 19-11-1916

Lt Col J Methuen   19-11-1916 to 25-2-1917

Lt Col E Riddell      26-2-1917 to 1-10-1917

Lt Col E Saint         1-10-1917 to 29-8-1918

Lt Col M Clayton    29-8-1918 to 11-11-1918

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2/1st Battalion

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62nd Provisional Battalion

Cambs soldier in the winter of 1915.

"The Cambridge Boys."


"We are the Cambridge boys.

We relieved the Frenchies

To man the trenches,

And England's honour to hold,

Right up the Hooge road,

Where we march so bold,

To meet the Germans, Carl and Fritz,

And to beat the lot to bits;

Jolly good fun it is to see

The Cambridge Boys that make them flee;

The German Huns they cannot stand

The Cambridge Boys from the dear old land;

Out of Belgium to the Fatherland -

That will be their very last stand.

The Cambridge Boys are bold and true,

And sure they have earned the Cambridge Blue."


Found written on the wall of a ruined building in Belgium, June 1915.

B Coy men in France.

Cambs Lewis gunners training.

"Pop" Latham DCM.

The Cambs at War, August 1914 - May 1919

Brief Time Line of Events - For a more detailed account please click the specific year or link.


19th July - 2nd August Annual Summer Camp, Ashridge Park, Herts.

5th August Mobilised and forms up in Cambridge.

8th August Leaves Cambridge and moves to Romford then onto  Long Melford and Bury St Edmunds.

Late August 1st (Imperial Service Battalion) formed of volunteers for overseas service, Major Copeman Commanding Officer.

Early September Battalion moves to Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk.

6th November Battalion moves to Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.



14th February Battalion travels by train to Southampton and embarks for France.

15th February Arrives at Le Harve.

1st March Joins 82nd Brigade, 27th Division in Ypres Salient.

4th March First Cambs casualty in action, Cpl. Dewey of Cambridge.

14th - 15th March German underground mine explosion and attack at St Eloi.

22nd April First German Gas attack just to battalion's left flank.

24th April Major Archer become CO after Copeman returns to UK due to health.

5th - 6th May C Company suffer heavy losses at Fosse Wood.

26th May Leaves Ypres salient for Armentiers sector.

Late June 62nd Provisional Battalion formed in the UK.

19th September Leaves Armentiers for Morcourt, River Somme.

29th October Moves to Thieulloy L'Abbaye near Amiens.

9th November Battalion leaves 82nd Brigade.

30th November Battalion joins 3rd Army School at Flixecourt as Training Battalion.



29th February Battalion joins 118th Brigade, 39th Division at Wallon Cappel.

24th March Arrives at billets in Merville.

1st April Moves into trenches around Pont du Hem.

16th April - 10th August Around Festubert and Givenchy sectors of front line. In early May Archer is replaced as CO by Lt.Col. Riddell.

26th August Arrives at Somme, north of Hamel on the River Ancre.

3rd September Holds the line after a failed British attack.

16th and 23rd September Trench Raids.

14th October Battalion attacks and holds Schwaben Redoubt near Thiepval.

13th November Attack and capture of St. Pierre Divion, River Ancre.

15th November Leaves Somme area.

29th November Arrives Elverdinghe, Ypres salient.

13th December - 16th February 1917  Canal Bank sector



3rd March - 3rd April Hooge sector, Ypres salient.

28th April Back to Canal Bank & Hilltop sector.

31st July 1st day of Passchendaele (3rd Battle of Ypres), Battalion attack at St. Julien.

2nd September Moves to Hill 60 area of Ypres salient.

26th September Tower Hamlets attack.

30th September Major Saint replaces Riddell as CO.



21st January Leaves Ypres salient.

31st January Arrives Gouzeacourt sector.

21st - 31st March German Spring Offensive. Numerous rearguard actions.

15th April Moves to Voormezeele area.

9th May Leaves 118th Brigade and transfers to 35th Brigade, 12th Division.

19th May Battalion absorbs over 400 men from 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.

22nd June Arrives in front line near Martinsart (North Albert).

30th July Moves to Canaples.

8th August Morlancourt attack.

22nd August Meaulte Road/Morlancourt attack.

28th August Lt Col Saint mortally wounded, Major Clayton takes over as CO.

5th September Nurlu attack.

18th September Epehy attack.

14th October Auby attack.

11th November Armistice, Battalion at Hergnies (West of Mons).

26th November Arrives at Somain


1919 - 1920

6th May Leaves Somain and heads to Dunkerque.

21st May Arrives back in Cambridge.

February 1920 Decision made to rebuild the Territorial Force as the Territorial Army.


Brief History of the Cambridgeshire Regiment TA.

Early 1939 Second Battalion raised.

September 1939 Both Battalions mobilised at start of Second World War

February 1942 After heavy fighting both Battalions are captured at the fall of Singapore.

1947 Changes from infantry to artillery and becomes 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (TA).

1954 Becomes 629 (The Cambridgeshire Regiment) Parachute Light Regiment RA (TA).

1956 Returns to an infantry role and becomes 1st Battalion The Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA).

1961 Merges with the Suffolk Regiment TA to from The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA)

1967 The Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Regiment (TA) disbanded.

1971 Reformed as D (Cambridgeshire) Coy, 6th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.

1992 Moved across to 5th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.

1995 Moved back to 6th (Volunteer) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

March 1999 Disbanded.

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